Mint 2 Playing Cards - Cucumber

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The quality of the cards is of upmost importance. MINT 2 will be printed by the renowned United States Playing Card Company with precise specifications and the highest quality standards possible.

  • MINT 2 will be printed on a Crushed Casino Grade Bee stock.

  • The goal is to create long lasting cards that are buttery soft and have a healthy snap.

  • The cards will be coated with the legendary Air Cushion Finish.

  • The silky smooth surface is perfect for creating beautiful spreads and fans.

  • The cards will be Traditionally cut.

  • This aids in the process of executing weaving techniques and Faro shuffles.


    The MINT design includes an ingenious marking system that allows you to read the identity of the card by looking at the back design. Magicians can take advantage of this clever feature.