Fontaine Playing Cards - Carrots V1

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The Fontaines started with just a back design. Now, every deck will come with the following:

  • The Stock & Finish – printed on classic bicycle stock with linen finish, perfect for cardists and magicians alike.

  • The Ace of Spaces – simple, streamlined and elegant. Featuring the fontaine box logo running through the center of the Spade.

  • The Jokers – also sporting the box logo with the fontaine F for pips.

  • The Ad card – fontaine box logo in the center, text which reads 1 of 2500 and first edition.

  • The Blank Facer – a card for magicians, to use in various effects including an upcoming Wire release.

  • The Seal –  not shown in the trailer or product shots, but the vector art of the seal can be found in the gallery.

  • The Box – with a utility device for magicians built into the design. My friend Michael Stern and I developed a concept called the Vintage holdout 4 years ago that is a slight alteration you make to a card box that opens the doors to TONS of amazing tricks – the downside is only works with these Vintage Series bicycle decks. Until now. I built the same method right into the box design.

The last edition of Fontaine Cards, SLEIGHT edition Fontaines, 10,000 decks sold out in 80 minutes. This time, we’re limiting each order to 36 decks. We hope this will give more of our fans a chance to get a Carrots Fontaine deck. As with all our decks, Carrots Fontaines will not be re-stocked or re-printed.
Joining cardistry and streetwear has been a longtime dream. Lining up at supreme in 2011, I dreamt of a day when kids would line up for playing cards.

I’ve been a fan of Anwar since tumblr, thru PNCintl, and you’ll see me wearing carrots in my videos since 2013. I genuinely love this brand. Anwar and I started working on this collection over 10 months ago. Today Carrots Fontaines are a reality. To hold this deck, with my logo and the carrots logo, is very surreal.

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